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Home Textiles

Health and performance underpin our home textiles. Chemical free and made from blended hemp yarns, our home textiles leverage the inherent qualities of the natural fibers.

Frequently, these qualities are stripped out of the end product through caustic or aggressive production steps. Durability and strength, mold resistance, enduring softness, and wickability — some of the more well-known qualities desired in home textiles like bed and bath linens — are not muted or removed by our mild production processes.

Furthermore, we engineer the construction of our textiles to create and enhance desired product properties, such as towels that dry you off and dry out rapidly. In Q4, we will launch our first product: bath towels that have been engineered with your health in mind without sacrificing comfort.


Health & Wellness

Covid-19 has furthered our resolve to engineer textiles with healthy properties. To this end, we have developed enhanced pathogen-resistant textiles that help reduce the spread of infections.

E. coli, K. pneumoniae and multiple strains of Staphylococus are but a few of the pathogens that we have effectively targeted.  We continue to consult physicians, infectious disease and micro-biology researchers, medical institutions, assistant living facilities and a myriad health care service providers as we refine our products through rigorous third-party testing and move into commercialization.

The pandemic continues to inflict a yet to be determined toll on the world. It has highlighted the need to enhance individual and collective resilience. We will do our part to assist with both.


Two additional industries that we'll likely enter in the future.

Building & Construction
High Performance Outerwear

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